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Delta Fire Engineers Executive(DFEE): Hello Sir, does your premise updated with fire fighting arrangements as per legal standard / guide line? Customer: What is this? DFEE: Sir according to the land use authority, N.B.C.I. recommends few minimum standard to be follow. A copy of the guide line is here, you need to follow it … … Read More

Our New Branch

Delta Fire Engineers is proudly now started working at Balasore, Odisha. The total range of products and services including manual fire extinguisher, refilling of fire extinguisher, execution, repair and maintenance of fire hydrant, sprinkler, detection and alarm, gas suppression, FM 200 systems etc. We welcome you.

Common Awareness

Educating citizen – “Do’s and Don’t” during fire and necessary behavioural actions regarding fire and emergencies are most important to control over the risks and best way as it is first E policy of 5E’s. Hence, instead of fixing banners by various political leaders, business organisations, promotional activities; government can select and reserve most popular … Read More

Enclosure fire dynamics Vs installation of fire detection

Selection of smoke detectors is an invariably complex job and requires a detail study of various influencing features and factors. Single or multiple types of detectors may be required to be used. A well laid out detection system can perhaps do nothing to reduce the incidence of fire but it can certainly help in lessening … Read More

  Execution Services Available: Automatic Fire Hydrant System Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System Fire Water Curtain System H.V.W.S. & M.V.W.S. System Water Mist System Automatic FM 200 and Gas Flooding / Suppression System Foam Fire Fighting System Fire Doors Fire and Smoke Curtain System

National Fire Safety Week


Delta Fire Engineers (91 22 29657553 / 29650306) a Maharashtra Fire Service License Agency expert into planing and execution of various kinds of automated fire fighting systems: Analog and Intelligent Fire Detection system and Manual Call Point Fire Hydrants and Stand-post system Fire Sprinkler System H.V.W.S. & M.V.W.S. System Water Curtain and Drencher System Dry … Read More

Emergency Evacuation

What Is Emergency? An unexpected and usually dangerous situation that calls for immediate action. What Is Evacuation? Temporary but rapidremovalof people frombuildingordisaster(or threatened) area as a rescue or precautionarymeasure. Explanation: By the definition itself, it is cleared that in an unexpected and dangerous situation peoples (Lives) may face difficulties to quit the dangerous place himself … Read More

Fire Detection

Human beings them selves is best detector of accidental fire when conscious and present in the vicinity. However, it is not always possible and not even desirable to leave detection of fire at their capacity, availability and efficiency for they can not remain present at all the places, time and environmental conditions. Unwanted fire / … Read More

Passive Fire Protection System

Passive fire protection system is an encompassing fire safety concept, which embraces the passive measures in fire containment design, and in addition, augments the active measures. It is the proactive approach taken at the building design stage, aimed at addressing a comprehensive solution to the fire problem. It is the primary measure integrated within the … Read More